6 reasons to join us

1. Change the world of Market Finance IT


JUMP will offer you the opportunity to reinvent Market Finance IT. You will contribute to the innovation of our Java, web and mobile solutions dedicated to Asset Management.

2. Take part in the evolution of a growing startup 


JUMP has had a continuous growth since its creation in 2006. If you join us now, you will participate in the rise of a startup whose ambition is to become one of the world’s leader in its sector.


3. Deepen your expertise and develop your competencies


Team spirit is one of JUMP’s core values. You will learn to get a global overview, to collaborate with team spirit and gain new competencies giving you the opportunity to progress career wise and develop your expertise.

4. Work recognition


We believe in meritocracy. That is why we implemented a bonus system applied to all our deserving employees.

We also implemented a share attribution system to our employees showing an intra entrepreneurial commitment.

5. Workplace well-being


Our attractive offices are located in the North of 16th arrondissement in Paris. They are bright and airy with a number of terraces, a kitchen corner and a relaxation room.

JUMP provides Nespresso café, fruits and regularly organises drinks and breakfasts for staff.

Our culture : be spontaneous and dynamic ! Our employees often socialise outside of the workplace for various activities.

JUMP organises events inside and outside the workplace in order to strenghten team spirit and give the opportunity to better know colleagues.


6. Access great career opportunities and career path within a human-size company

JUMP rewards employees on a merit base scale. JUMP gives the best opportunities to the best workers : some of our managers or shareholders reached their position before turning 26.

Our career paths are as much as possible flexible :

  • Code addicts may become experts,
  • Software engineers can develop their skills in Finance and become Consultants,
  • Consultants with a business expertise may become experts in Finance or project leaders,
  • Consultants who are passionate about IT may become technical consultants.