About JUMP

JUMP has been developing and marketing innovative business software for financial market professionals since 2006.

JUMP came about as the result of its founders' interest in using new technologies to provide asset managers with IT solutions that are simultaneously powerful, modular, flexible and intuitive.

The aim of the JUMP software platform is to meet the present and future needs of our clients.

The teams at JUMP constantly strive for excellence in defining the most technically- and functionally-advanced IT solution for each regulatory, technical and commercial requirement in the industry.

Our values

JUMP invests the majority of its income in R&D and in the functional and technical development of its solutions in order to consolidate its technological advance.

Renowned expertise in the Financial Market: JUMP is supported by a loyal team of experienced employees and shares its renowned expertise in financial markets with its clients.

A relationship of trust with our clients: our clients are the strongest link in the continuous chain of improvement to our software packages. Their feedback goes straight to the development teams to be rapidly incorporated into our products.

Ambition: our goal is to offer the best software solution on the market for all the needs that are met.