JUMP ACCOUNTING is an Accounting and Back Office solution covering the needs of asset management, insurance and mutual companies as well as private banks.


  • Managed operational and financial risks
  • Access to real-time liabilities monitoring and portfolio valuation
  • Integrated all operations and forecast the cash flows
  • Automated accounting entries


 Key features of JUMP ACCOUNTING


 Completeness and intuitive design

  • Multi-accounting plans, multi-tax systems, multi-instrument
  • user-defined GAAP
  • Management of schemes and accounting entries
  • Automatic processing of transactions (buying, selling, corporate actions, settlement, etc.)
  • Accounting statements and regulatory reports (T2, C5, C6 bis ...)


Repository & Data management

  • Multi-custodian and multi-market data
  • Automatic data flows integration and controls
  • Reconciliation optimisation
  • Automation of workflow processes
  • Customisable framework
  • Multi-format export: .doc, .xls, .pdf, .ppt, .html, .csv, .txt...


Controls and audit trail

  • Automatic operation controls
  • Logging controls
  • Monitoring console of changes
  • Fine authorisation management and full audit trail
  • Automatic archiving


Connected Web Platform

  • Native interface release to the WEB platform (JUMP Web Platform)
  • Automatic archiving
  • Gateway to fund data
  • Advanced identification and authentication
  • Libraries of pre-configured reports and custom reports