JUMP COMPLIANCE is a powerful and flexible solution automating pre and post-trade compliance management and monitoring.


  • Automate controls and simplify compliance workflows
  • Streamline and unify all controls
  • Analyse compliance rules over time
  • Generate compliance trends reports

JUMP COMPLIANCE can be combined with other features from our software suite to:

  • Take advantage of the real-time valuation engine for pre-trade exposure controls
  • Benefit from the embedded risk engine for advanced controls (liquidity risk, VaR control, etc.)
  • Automate the generation of monitoring dashboards and reporting controls


Key features of JUMP COMPLIANCE


Meet the constraints

  • Regulatory: AMF, UCITS, AIFM, Solvency II, MiFID, EMIR, CSSF, AAC etc.
  • Statutory constraints
  • Pre and post-trade compliance
  • Monitoring and analysis in real time or ex-post
  • Preset alerts and criticality levels
  • Regulatory monitoring

Adding new controls

  • Extensive library of pre-configured controls and business functions
  • Integrated control designer and wizard
  • Customisation of JUMP library controls
  • Back-testing

Alert settings

  • Periodic alerts
  • Conditional alerts
  • Alert types: email, messaging, etc.

Full audit trail

  • Fine management of access rights
  • Monitoring console of changes
  • Audit history controls
  • Automatic archiving