JUMP DATA MANAGEMENT aims to centralise and automate the entire life cycle of the data (integration, control, distribution, analysis) in order to provide reliable data for all JUMP solutions and/or third party systems.

JUMP DATA MANAGEMENT covers the needs of asset management companies, private banks, insurance companies and mutual institutions providing them all financial information necessary to their business (financial products, market data, indices, benchmarks, securities transactions, positions and transactions, funds, risk indicators, limits, etc...)

JUMP DATA MANAGEMENT can be automatically fed by different financial flows (Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Six Financial, etc.) that can be combined with data originating from custodians / fund administrators, and / or standardised import to Excel or CSV format.

The repository and data management features allow to :

  • reduce costs
  • gain flexibility (customisation, attributes additions, etc.)
  • optimise the IT infrastructure and controls
  • improve data quality and repository maintenance



 Integration of all data types

  • Multi-source of market data
  • Multi-format
  • Multi-contributor
  • Multi-currency

 Control and data cleaning

  • Automatic controls
  • Multiple comparisons (sources, data history, consistency, etc.)
  • Alerts
  • Steering dashboards

 Data enrichment

  • Tree decision based on data quality and availability
  • Automatic enrichment or manual actions

 Data distribution

  • Multi-format
  • Multi-system (JUMP or Third-party tools)

 Analysis and reporting

  • Integrated reporting
  • Monitoring dashboards