JUMP REPORTING is a complete software suite for automating the generation of customised financial reports.

JUMP REPORTING main advantages:

  • Improve productivity by taking advantage of customised and standard report elements
  • Secure production while minimising operational risk
  • Improve the look and feel as well as the content of both internal and external reports
  • Reduce duplication of tasks by recycling data elements common to several documents 
  • Ability to customise reports, per customer, management style, funds category, etc. 


WITH JUMP REPORTING use the other modules to:

  • Create composite benchmarks or produce Pocket analysis
  • Automate risk & performance calculations
  • Use the constraints server to automate data consistency and data integrity controls of your reporting


Key features of JUMP REPORTING

  Intuitive design

  • Multilingual, multi-channel, multi-format
  • Built-in assistance mode
  • Library of pre-configured charts and tables
  • User-friendly

   Tailored to your needs

  • Customisable graphic charter, templates
  • Internal reports
  • Regulatory reports
  • Personalised custom reports


  • Automatic updates
  • Report generation scheduling
  • Automated validation workflow
  • Production management dashboards

  Data Management

  • Quality and data consistency controls
  • Fine-tuning management of access rights
  • Edit & modification tracking system
  • Automatic document archiving

 Business Intelligence

  • Data analysis (portfolios, back testing, performance...)
  • Drill-down, drill-up, slice & dice, drill-through

 Web Portal

  • Full web based architecture
  • Mobile devices: tablet, smartphone
  • Position keeping anywhere
  • Roaming CRM reporting