JUMP WEB PORTAL is a web platform written in HTML5, interfaced with JUMP's java Back-Office. This platform provides your end users, go-between and distributors with dynamic, interactive and personalized information.

JUMP WEB PORTAL is based on a modern framework, featuring cross-platform and adaptive design that meets current digital stratégies requirements and standards. This system enables custom-made web portals where content form scope and freshness of data are easily configurable.

Client case scenarios:

  • An insurance company wants to give its policy-holders access to the details of their life insurance policies
  • A discretionary asset management company, a family office or a private bank wants to provide its customers and go-between with access to interactive reporting on their mandates
  • An asset management group wants to share interactive UCITS reporting with its subscribers and business partners
  • A management company wants to provide web access to its external asset managers


Main features of JUMP WEB PORTAL

Innovative web architecture 

  • Customisable extranet
  • Mobile devices: tablet, smartphone
  • Advanced authentification and rights


Online portal consolidating all business intelligence 

  • Unique information access point
  • B.I.: portfolio analysis, data history, fund statement...
  • Pre-set analysis


Advanced Front-Office features 

  • Portfolio management
  • Customer Relationship Management (360°)
  • Integrated reporting and standard reports library