Each client has a dedicated contact person at JUMP. This person understands the client’s working environment and their specific issues. This results in a better and faster reply to client's query.
JUMP users also have context-based online help offering detailed information on all JUMP AMS functionalities.
The support team is also on hand to help users in three ways:
  • By telephone and by e-mail for help requests.
  • By connecting remotely to the user's desktop to guide the client in using a functionality.
  • By resolving specific assistance needs on-site.

Our clients are given private access to JUMP extranet in order to:

  • Receive personalised information on the solutions used: new available functionalities, personalised data, etc.
  • Optimise the escalation of information such as requests for product developments.
  • Monitor the processing of requests by the JUMP teams in real time.


TeamViewer - Quick Support for JUMP