Unique Asset Management Solution

JUMP ASSET MANAGEMENT is a Front-to-Back portfolio management software, dedicated to the professional needs     of asset management companies.

JUMP ASSET MANAGEMENT is a unique portfolio management and decision support solution providing precise analysis, real-time simulations and efficiently placed orders to deliver the best investment performance. 





  • CONSOLIDATION: multi-custodian holdings aggregation within a central repository 
  • AUTOMATION: business process automation from Front to Middle/Back Office
  • FUNCTIONALITY COMPLETENESS: advanced analysis and decision support features
  • CONTROL COCKPIT: advanced performance and risk management monitoring 
  • USER FRIENLINESS: quick start with a user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • BUSINESS ORIENTED: user-defined and custom business functionalities in scalable environment 
  • WIDE RANGE OF OUT OF THE BOX STANDARD CONNECTORS: market data providers, custodians/fund administrators, trading platforms, brokers 

Main functionalities of JUMP ASSET MANAGEMENT

Real time portfolio management

  • Multi-counterparty, multi-asset, multi-strategy
  • Real-time position keeping and valuation
  • Performance and risk analysis
  • Portfolio modelling
  • Full look-through

Order management

  • Full STP workflow
  • Electronic Order placement (FIX)
  • Simulations and stress tests
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Pre-trade controls

Controls & compliance

  • Regulations: AMF, CSSF, AIFM, EMIR, UCITS
  • Customisable controls and alerts
  • Pre- and Post-trade compliance
  • Position keeping
  • Dynamic dashboard and internal/regulatory reports

Risk and performance

  • Compliance with invesment rules per risk profile
  • Regulatory compliance: MIFID, KYC, AML...
  • Customisable controls and alerts
  • Pre and Post-trade compliance
  • Regulatory and custom reporting

Portfolio management

  • Multi-custodian and multi-market data providers
  • Automated reconciliation 
  • Systematic fees and retrocession calculations
  • Cash management
  • Corporate action management

Audit and control

  • High-security user access and user rights
  • Complete audit trail 
  • Pricing policy 
  • Systematic quality checks
  • Advanced data and custom fields management


  • Robust and highly customisable solution
  • Ready-to-use reports library
  • Custom reports generation
  • Automated alerts on data exceptions
  • Multi-format export: .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, .pptx, .html…

Web Platform

  • Full web based architecture 
  • Mobile devices: tablet, smartphone
  • Position keeping and order placement
  • Roaming CRM and reporting