JUMP LIFE management solution for life insurance assets

JUMP LIFE is the most up-to-date Front-to-Back management solution dedicated to life insurance companies offering unit-linked insurance products (ULP) management (external investment funds, internal collective funds, internal dedicated funds).

JUMP LIFE controls operational and financial risks for collective external and internal funds as well as dedicated funds. JUMP LIFE performs real-time valuation, assets and liability matching, eligibility checks with respect to the local regulations, the client policy risk profile and life insurance agent's asset allocation instructions. 




Key benefits of JUMP LIFE

  • CONSOLIDATION: multi-custodian holdings aggregation within a central repository 
  • AUTOMATION: Business process automation from front to middle/back office
  • FUNCTIONALITY COMPLETENESS: advanced analysis and decision support features 
  • CONTROL COCKPIT: advanced performance and risk management monitoring 
  • USER FRIENDLINESS: quick start with a user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • BUSINESS ORIENTED: user-defined and custom business functionalities in scalable environment 

Main functionalities of JUMP LIFE

Portfolio management

  • Multi-asset and multi-portfolio 
  • Real-time position keeping and valuation
  • Automatic integration of orders from liability Policy system
  • Simplified order placement 
  • Investment management and monitoring
  • External and internal reporting
  • Corporate action and cash management

Asset/liability matching

  • Integration/consolidation of Unit-linked products
  • Asset/Liability management and variance monitoring 
  • P&L monitoring
  • Monitoring dashboard and pre-configured analytic graphs

Controls and compliance

  • Pre- and post-trade controls and compliance
  • Dynamic dashboard and internal/regulatory reports
  • High-security user access and authorisations
  • Complete audit trail 

Retrocession fee monitoring

  • Fee/Retrocession calculation and guidance
  • Business providers management (CRM)
  • Reporting on retrocessions to be paid and received

Subledger accounting

  • Multi-strategy, multi-GAAP, multi-asset
  • User-defined GAAP
  • Position specifications, position periods, accounting record management
  • Automatic transaction processing

Data management

  • Multi-custodian and multi-market data
  • Interfacing with third-party tools: eg. accounting tool, liability tool
  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Complete audit trail
  • Pricing policy
  • Data quality control


  • Robust and highly customisable solution
  • Ready-to-use reports library
  • Custom reports generation 
  • Automated alerts on data exceptions
  • Multi-format exports: .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, .pptx, .html, .csv, .txt...

WEB Platform

  • Full web based architecture
  • Mobile devices: tablet, smartphone
  • Position keeping anywhere
  • Roaming CRM and reporting